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There is so much information that we wish to share with you here at Children Of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund that we broke it down into separate areas.

In the Archives you will find articles from the past from "CFSRF In The News," "Our Troops," and the "Press Release" sections of this site. We feel that these articles are important and want to continue to share them with you.

Casualties...... We pray for the safe return for all men and women who fight for our freedom and honor those that have fallen those in the line of duty.

"CFSRF In The News" contains out most up-to-date articles of where CFSRF has appeared in the news. We are proud of what we do and are very pleased to see our fund being supported.

"Newsletter" is our way to let our loyal supporters know what we are doing and our goals for the future.

"Our Troops" shows the most current activities of what our troops are doing overseas. Please check this out.

Press Releases show the most current new from us to you on what is happening within CFSRF. This is our way of getting the word out of what we are working on and what we have achieved.

We have been interviewed by several radio stations and other media outlets and if we can share the information with you, we will do so here.

Air Force RadioAir Force Radio

Interview with John Riggins, The John Riggins Show

Interview with Judyth Piazza, Student Operated Press (SOP)

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